Dine in The Gap

What’s the main thing you look for when visiting Washington Wine Country? …

Of Course, amazing, award-winning wineries and we’ve got that covered but you also want a large variety of dining options.

Union Gap has an amazing selection of restaurants. From  the truly unique, locally owned eateries, to well known chains such as Outback Steakhouse, Applebees, Sea Galley and Shari’s. Union Gap has every taste you could want.  In fact,  a plethora of dining experiences are literally right out the front door of your hotel room.   Union Gap also boasts some of the most authentic Mexican restaurants north of the border.


Here’s just some of the great dining options all within walking distance from your hotel.


Plus great local favorites like El Porton Mexican Restaurant, New York Teryaki,  Old Town Station, Peppr’ mint Stick Drive-in and more.  Experience all the local flavors!